Self Service Laundry in Tenerife

7 reasons why you should use our laundry services

You save time

Foremost the most important currency in our lives is time. If you are a heavy clothes user you can do a week’s laundry in an hour at a fraction of the cost. Believe me, I have been there, two 7kg dark clothes and another two 7kg light clothes and then bedding. That are at least 5 washing machines, this usually takes more than 5 hours to wash alone on consumer washing machines. You can reduce that to just two washing machines, light and dark. Then drying them on the spot. Not taking more than ONE HOUR for all of it to be ready back in your car since you have unpacked it.


It is proven that you save money by using your local self-service laundrette. Even if you already have your most precious appliances at home. Just by adding water, energy, detergents and wear&tear cost of your washing machine at home you’ll be surprised. Not even taking into account the prologated life of your garments you get when using professional washing machines.

It is more ecological

You are greener to the environment when you use Self-Service Laundries. Our industrial grade machines are more efficient than consumer machines by more than 20% in terms of energy and water consumption alone. In addition we utilize environmentally friendly detergents and softeners. While you save time and money, we all become a step closer to being friendly to the environment. Without a doubt, benefits that future generations will appreciate.

You control the results

Doing the laundry can be annoying for some and it is very personal. In most cases you don’t want strangers to fiddle with your stuff. Using a self-service laundry lets you do even you favourite massive feather duvet under your conditions and control just as if you were home, while enjoying a professional clean and finish.

It is effective

The garments get well washed and thoroughly cleaned. Removing stains faster and more efficiently whilst preserving the fabrics life for a longer enjoyment of your favourite t-shirt. Thanks to our laundry advanced technology and the employment of soft water.

It is versatile

You can use it to wash any type of clothes, sheets, quilts, sofa covers and even large duvets (feather garments) that wouldn’t normally fit in your home washing machine.

It is hygienic

Our Washing machines and dryers are disinfected constantly after each use. With their oxygen disinfection cycle that removes and maintains a clean and hygienic washing cycle for each and every wash. This way not accumulating any bacteria or germs that under normal circumstances nest in most washing machines, even those in your home.