7 reasons why you should choose us

Save time using our services

We live in an era in which time has become one of our most precious commodities. The availability of industrial washing machines allows you to wash up to 8 times more clothes in half the time it takes your domestic washing machine. Can you imagine being able to wash in just 22 minutes all the clothes that a family of 4 people generates in a week? Yes, it is possible.

Save money by using our services

Have you ever stopped to think how much it costs to put the washing machine at home? Well, first you will need to buy a washing machine and, if you wish, a dryer and then add the cost of water, electricity, detergent, softener …. and of course hope that nothing ever happens to the washing machine.

Protect the environment using our services

Your impact on the environment is less when you use self-service laundromats. Our industrial-grade machines are 20% more efficient than domestic washing machines in terms of energy and water consumption. Plus, we use environmentally friendly detergents and fabric softeners.

Make it at your control like at home

We all have our own habits. Set your wash programs and wash your favorite clothes as if you were at home.

Washing in the most effective way

Industrial washing machines wash clothes faster and more efficiently than a conventional washing machine. They use washing cycles, detergents and fabric softeners that combine to extend the life of your clothes.

Wash any type of clothes, do not limit yourself.

You can use it to wash any type of linen, sheets, comforters, sofa covers and even large comforters (with feather fillings) that do not fit in a domestic washing machine.

Bacteria and germ-free, we offer the best of the best

Our washers are constantly disinfected after each use. The active oxygen disinfection cycle eliminates and maintains a clean and hygienic wash cycle for each wash. This prevents the build-up of bacteria and germs that, under normal circumstances, nest in most ordinary washing machines.


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