Self Service Laundry Adeje

If you are one of those who doesn’t like to sit around while washing your clothes or you’ve got to take your kids along, this is your place. Our Self Service Laundry Adeje is conveniently located next to César Manrique’s Park, in Adeje. Which is any kids paradise, with lots of stuff to run, play and jump around. While you have a coffee they burn energy. Ideal to wash your clothes while having a good time.

Every Day



Washing Machine10kg4.00€3.50€
Washing Machine15kg6.00€5.50€
Washing Machine20kg8.00€7.50€

10kg Washing Machine – 4.00€ (3.50€ Loyalty Card)

15kg Washing Machine – 6.00€ (5.50€ Loyalty Card)

20kg Washing Machine – 8.00€ (7.50€ Loyalty Card)


22 Min


Dryer Machine15kg5 – 25 Min1.00€ – 5.00€
Dryer Machine30kg4 – 20 Min1.00€ – 5.00€

Weight: 15kg
Time: 5 Min – 25 Min
Price: 1.00€ – 5.00€

Weight: 30kg
Time: 4 Min – 20 Min
Price: 1.00€ – 5.00€


Cold wash (20º)22min
Medium wash (30º)22min
Hot wash (50º)22min
Delicate wash (15º)22min

Cold wash (20º) – 22min

Medium wash (30º) – 22min

Hot wash (50º) – 22min

Delicate wash (15º) – 22min


Pay by Cash, Credit/Debit cards or our Loyalty card




Our Self Service Laundry in Adeje

The county of Adeje is located in the southwest area of ​​the island of Tenerife. It has more than 50,000 inhabitants and huge number of foreign visitors. It is one of the most visited area of the island, due its most know tourist area Costa Adeje. It has one of the best hotel infrastructure in Europe.
It has very emblematic places as of the Barranco del Infierno, Adeje’s harbour “El Puertito”, La Caleta and many more rural areas like Taucho and Ifonche.

With a total area of ​​106km2 being the coast most of its extension. One of the main attractions of this county and one of the main reasons why it has become what it is today, is due to their strongest value in the south of the island which is the amazing climate. And this is one of the beneficts of our self service laundry Adeje, its weather is almost perfect having a very stable climate throughout the year, with an average of 22º degrees celsius in both winter and summer.

The municipality has developed a spectacular evolution in recent years, mainly around the tourism sector. It is one of the main tourist destinations in Europe. Hence why it has generated a vast expansion in construction and development of large projects in this area. A clear example Siam Park’s water park, awarded several times and still today as “the best water park in the world” according to the well-known Tripadvisor site and as you well can see in our Why yo use our laundries?, don’t waste yout time washing your clothes and use the self service laundry Adeje to enjoy all this.

Adeje has an unprecedented hotel offering with well-known brands such as Riu, GF, Iberostar, Hard Rock, Vincci, Meliá or Barceló. This last one has just been awarded as one of the best 5-star hotels in the world, designed by the prestigious architect Leonardo Omar. It sits on the coast of La Caleta and houses two hotels, one for adults and one for families. Both hotels are linked by a jawbreaking bridge that does not go unnoticed in line of sight either for clients or pass byers.

If you are a golf lover, Adeje is also your place. The county has an unbeatable offer of supreme golf courses. There are many tourists who visit this area just to practice Golf in an almost perfect climate all year round.
Outdoor sports have become, thanks to the privileged climate, an attraction for tourists who visit us every year. Cyclists, mountain runners, swimmers, walkers, climbers…. Any outdoor sport is welcome here.

We can’t talk about our self service laundry and Adeje without talking about the beaches. The county has a wide stretch of coastline that has the mayor beaches of the Island. From the busiest beach where you can do all kinds of nautical activities to quieter beaches where you can spend a family day in a relaxed atmosphere.

At Torviscas beach you can rent a jet ski excursion, or ride with your friends on the famous Banana. On Enramada’s beach you can have a delicious cocktail at a tropical sand bar while watching the paragliders land on the beach itself. In the beach of La Caleta you can see the Bodyboarders locals practice their beloved sport while you take a tapa and enjoy some really good and fresh fish.
The nautical experiences you can get are very good too. A mandatory stop is the visit of the cetaceans. Next to Puerto Colon’s harbour you will find one of the most privileged areas of the entire planet for whale watching. Dolphins, pilot whales, tropical whales and even some times killer whale’s can be seen here 365 days a year.

As of the great growth of this area, it has generated the blooming of all kind of gastronomic offering that are suited to any pocket. That was one of the reasons we decided to open a self service laundry in Adeje, many people asking for a laundry in Adejde.
You will find countless kinds of restaurant’s starting from Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Peruvian, English … and many many more.
For lovers of high end cuisine we have quite a few restaurants with Michelin stars that also are surprisingly affordable. For those who always are in a rush to not miss out on anything, there are also many options like McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC these are just some of the many fast food options around here.