Self Service Laundry El Fraile, Center on the Main Street

If you are looking for an accessible laundrette with free parking, this is your place. The Self Service Laundry El Fraile is located in the heart of the city right next to the main supermarket, bakery and pharmacy. What our customers enjoy the most at this laundry, as mentioned before even if it sounds unbelievable, there are always parking spaces right at the door.

Every Day



Washing Machine 10kg6.00€5.00€
Washing Machine15kg7.00€6.00€
Washing Machine20kg8.00€7.00€

10kg Washing Machine – 6.00€ (5.00€ Loyalty Card)

15kg Washing Machine – 7.00€ (6.00€ Loyalty Card)

20kg Washing Machine – 8.00€ (7.00€ Loyalty Card)


22 Min


Dryer Machine20kg5 – 25 Min1.00€ – 5.00€

Weight: 20kg
Time: 5 Min – 25 Min
Price: 1.00€ – 5.00€


Cold wash (20º)22min
Medium wash (30º)22min
Hot wash (50º)22min
Delicate wash (15º)22min

Cold wash (20º) – 22min

Medium wash (30º) – 22min

Hot wash (50º) – 22min

Delicate wash (15º) – 22min


Pay by Cash, Credit/Debit cards or our Loyalty card




Our Self Service Laundry in El Fraile

The county of Arona is located in the southwest area of ​​the Island of Tenerife. It is one of the main tourism areas of the island and counties of the Canary Islands.
This municipality has always grown based on an economy focused on tourism as a reference county in the sector. It houses a wide range of hotels and tourist infrastructure that have nothing to envy to neighbouring counties.

The main harbour of the southern zone, Puerto de Los Cristianos, houses the Ferries that communicate with the most western islands of the archipielago. From this harbour you can take a boat to visit one of the most important areas in the world for whale watching. With guaranteed sightings all year round, 365 days a year.
Arona has almost twice the population of its neighbouring municipalities and amounts to a total of almost 73,000 registered inhabitants plus the tourist population that does not stop growing.

Our self service laundry El Fraile, is in a county located in the southern part, is one of the smaller neighbourhoods that make up the county of Arona. It is a dormitory neighbourhood where the main activity is residential. Despite of this, it has a privileged location as it is only 350 meters from the sea line.
It is one of the coastal areas of the municipality and it is located at 20 meters above sea level. It is surrounded by the neighbourhood of Las Galletas and the population centers of La Estrella del Sur and Finca la Estrella.
It has an area of ​​more than 2 square kilometres and a population density of 4597.57 inhabitants / km².
It is less than a two minute drive from TF-1 motorway, which can be accessed from the exit of Guaza.

It is also connected to Las Galletas through the Avenida del Atlántico with just 1 minute drive by car.
El Fraile in the last 20 years has experienced a very important population growth. Going from less than 4,000 inhabitants in the year 2000 to almost 10,000 in the year 2019. That’s one of the reasons we decided to open a self service laundry in El Fraile, many people asking for laundry in El Fraile.

It has a vast range of nationalities that reside in this neighbourhood. In fact it has the largest variation in the southern part of the Island, it houses more than 80 nationalities in its streets.
The neighbourhood has El Fraile Infant and Primary Education Center, Cultural Civic Center, Youth House, Municipal Chess School, Health Center, Children’s Center, Catholic Church, Mosque, Municipal Soccer Field, Municipal Sports Pavilion …

Apart from the council offerings, El Fraile has many private amenities offer. There are numerous food establishments, supermarkets, self-service laundry, pharmacy, laundrette, gas station … so don’t waste your time as you can read in our page ¿why to use our laundries? and use our self service laundry El Fraile.